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Your one stop solution to powerful managed web hosting and development….

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Peninsula Interactive is build on a robust scalable cloud infrastructure this means we can provide 99.9% uptime SLA and extreme performance for our  users. All our infrastructure is proudly based in Australia.

Support for a wide verity of web applications

We offer installation and support for a wide plethora of web applications, from Wordpress to Nextcloud, Perfex, and GLPI……. get in toch with one of our technical support staff to find out more about custom web app installations.

24/7 Support & Managment

We take care of all the technical aspects of operating a website or web app leaving you time to work on your organization. Our team will take care of all the technical work and issues that may arise.

Who are our clients?


Beleura Village

We are currently running weekly sessions at Beleura Village teaching senior Australians all about technology, computers and internet safety. These sessions also include the current BeConnected Network topics as well as custom tailored topics.


Seadog Marine

Seadogmarine is a marine repair company based on the Mornington Peninsula that performs mobile repairs on watercraft,  Peninsula Interactive provides them with managed web hosting and 24/7 support for there website.



“Working as an administrator on NexusfieldMC has been not only easy but a breeze. With a reporting system implemented by Peninsula Interactive to easily distribute reports to the correct admin who is suited for the issue making being an admin an easy experience whilst keeping communication and response time rather quick. The server is backed up by a very sleek website built by Peninsula Interactive which takes care things such as emailing the admins upon new member request, creating news post about events on the server, reporting issues and many more. All this is then backed up by Peninsula Interactive quick support response times”

William L – NexusfieldMC Administrator


Built on a philosophy of open and accessible software

More expensive does not always mean better, there’s so many open source projects and applications that we can use in an enterprise environment, at Peninsula Interactive we believe in open source solutions and will explore and recommend an opensource solution to your problem if we believe its the best option for you!

There no sense in buying expensive software with out first exploring the open source options.

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