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Peninsula Interactive also provides private sessions to individuals on a wide range of digital skills topics! Get in contact to learn more!

Our Mission

“At Peninsula Interactive our mission is to guide retired Australians on their digital skills journey, building key skills and confidence in using technology and staying safe online.”

Jack Harris Profile

Jack Harris | Director & Lead Educator

Who We Are

Starting to teach in 2020 Peninsula Interactive is a small business that provides digital skills training to retirees in and around Melbourne. We believe that staying upto date with technology is one of the most important aspects for Australians and strive to build confidence and deliver exemplary service.

Our philosophy for teaching is based on the core Humanistic approach, we believe that each person learns in a different way and that there cannot be a one size fits all approach to teaching, in alignment with this we will modify, change and alter the content to tailor it to individual people when teaching them a topic or idea.

Our teaching Philosophy places the learners at the forefront of our purpose, we would rather we leave someone true and real with a grasp of a core understanding of a small section of a topic rather than simply ticking boxes.

Peninsula Interactive has had over 650+ session attendances since 2020

Since starting in 2020 Peninsula Interactive has successfully 650 session attendances from 4 independent living villages. Building a successful reputation of clear and approachable Digital Skills Training.

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  • 388

Student numbers for 2020 & 2021 are estimates. 2022 Student numbers are valid as of 24th of October 2022.

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