Marthas Cove | Get Online Week Event

Get Online Week 2022

It was a pleasure to run the get online week event at Martha’s Cove Village! Special thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the morning, its been an incredible experience running your digital skills IT learning sessions over the past year and meeting so many passionate and engaged people.
We started off the morning with an engaging Kahoot Trivia session focused around staying safe online, scams and the cloud. These topics and questions allowed us to create an engaging space were we all explored and learn more about the topics as a group.
After a small break for morning tea we dove into a round of geoguesser as a group! This slightly more challenging experience throws residents into a unique location around the globe  where they must attempt to make an accurate guess as to their exact location.
Geoguess and Kahoot have really helped to being an incredible, interactive and engaging experience.